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Welcome to our epochal World History quiz!

“Archaeology is the search for fact... not truth. If it's truth you're looking for, philosophy class is right down the hall…” If you think you are as knowledgeable on the history facts as Indiana Jones, whom we quoted above, our breathtaking World History quiz is your perfect fit! So what do we mean when we talk about “world history”? The world history is also called transnational history because it covers facts that everyone from the US to Bangladesh needs to know. Put simply, transnational history is macrohistory. Global history looks for similar patterns that emerge across cultures despite their differences in order to find out the key points of history which influence every nation on the Earth. It investigates changing relationships between countries and cultures around the globe. Test yourself on how much you know about the facts from the school history course and beyond its limits!

Our colossal World History quiz will test your knowledge of history from the pre-modern times to the modern years. Whether you specialize in the First World War or The Second World War history, the Ancient Greeks or the Middle Ages this will be the quiz for you to show off your memory. If you know a particular historical period as if you were an immediate witness of the events that happened at that time, try one of history sub-categories, for example the Ancient History quiz.

One can’t even imagine how immense and captivating the field of history actually is! See how you get on in our World History Quiz! Collect WisePoint, beat other challengers and make history of quiz records!

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