Commemorate one of the greatest US Presidents in John F. Kennedy quiz!

Much water has flowed under the bridges since the world was shocked by the tragic event that literally made millions of Americans cry out loud. The youngest US President and the pride of the whole nation, John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas and this murder has become really memorable for both his supporters and his enemies. We offer you to check if you know the outstanding President well enough taking this interesting John F. Kennedy trivia quiz! How many children did John and Jackie Kennedy have? How many times did John F. Kennedy receive his last rites before his presidency? Why was John F. Kennedy disqualified from service? What famous award did John F. Kennedy win? What university did John F. Kennedy attend before Harvard? It’s high time you tested your presidential knowledge! How many correct answers will you give?

In case there are some of your friends who want to participate in the game and assay their strength, too, we encourage you to invite them to John F. Kennedy questions quiz immediately! What did John F. Kennedy do with his congressional and presidential salaries? Why did John F. Kennedy propose a joint Soviet mission to the moon? How old was John F. Kennedy when he was elected President? How many sentences were there in John F. Kennedy's application to Harward? What did JFK buy just hours before signing the embargo against Cuba? Check if you know many facts from the life of the eminent US President! Try other historical quizzes prepared for you by Zadavaka like George Washington quiz or Presidents trivia quiz!

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