Test your patriotism in a tricky Presidential Election quiz!

Although presidential election is a very serious process that shapes the future of millions of people there are still lots of interesting funny facts connected with this event. Some presidential candidates take rather strange decisions or behave in a weird way, others find themselves in tough situations and still manage to find the way out thanks to their quick wit and wisdom. We’ve compiled the most curious facts about presidents, presidential campaigns and presidential elections to entertain you and give you a special chance to demonstrate your presidential knowledge! What happened to Ulysses S. Grant's opponent during the 1872 election? When did American women of all races win the right to vote? Who is the only U.S. president in history to win 100% of the Electoral College vote? What actress once attempted to run for president? What did George Washington spend his entire campaign budget on? Take this challenging Presidential Election trivia quiz and check if you know the U.S. political history well enough!

We’re sure you have some friends who’d like to train their brain, too, and test their intelligence. Invite them to join our compelling Presidential Election quiz game and dig deeper into American history! How many times did Norman Thomas of the Socialist Party run for president? What is the most common mascot symbol for the Democratic Party? Who was President Nixon's running mate in 1968? What did Democrat Stephen A. Douglas call Abraham Lincoln? How many words did George Washington's inauguration speech consist of? Try to give more correct answers that will lead you to victory and help you become the best player of the week! Take other absorbing quizzes like Presidents trivia quiz or Presidential Debates quiz and fight for the title of the smartest quizee!

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