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Although presidential debates in the USA can’t boast their long history they’re still remarkable for lots of memorable and at times funny events, notable sayings, and exceptional political leaders who participated in them. In many cases successful performance during the debates helped one of the candidates win the presidential election, in some cases it didn’t work so well, but we believe that debates are an essential part of any presidential campaign and help the voters see more than the candidates say and demonstrate during their individual speeches. We offer you a new special Presidential Debates trivia quiz and invite you to demonstrate your exceptional political knowledge! During a debate in 2000, how did George W Bush respond to Al Gore's attempt to unsettle him? Which US President did Dan Quayle compare himself to in a vice-presidential debate in 1988? During a debate in 2000, what did Al Gore constantly do while George Bush was speaking? What candidate refused to debate Ronald Reagan and John Anderson in 1980? The questions are tough, so try to make every possible effort and give correct answers to the majority of them!

If there is a friend of yours who’s like to challenge himself or herself, too, then invite them to join you in this absorbing and thought-provoking Presidential Debates questions quiz! What independent candidate debated George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton in 1992? When was the first debate between major party presidential candidates shown on TV? What presidential candidate said, "The big problem this country has is being too politically correct"? How many debates did Barack Obama take part in before winning the 2008 election? Do your best to answer all the tricky questions correctly, and fell like a true political expert! Try other interesting quizzes devoted to the US history like Presidents quiz or George Washington trivia quiz!

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