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Everyone knows that Mexico is a country of contrasts, a country the history of which can be characterized as eventful and changeable. The territory of Mexico has always been a magnet for lots of people from all over the world. You may know nothing about the history of Mexico (in this case this free Mexico History quiz is your chance to change it), but you are sure to have heard about Maya - a highly developed ancient civilization. We hope this quiz will awaken your interest to the questions of History in general and to Mexican history in particular; moreover, it will help you to learn major historical facts, such as why Mexicans have a tradition of celebrating the Día de los Muertos (or Day of the Dead) and fun minor trivia, such as what kind of dog was named for a state of Mexico, when Mexicans started drinking tequila and more!

More than that, this quiz on the History of Mexico will help you to learn about one of the brightest and mightiest representatives of Mexican mythology – Tezcatlipoca. He was a main deity in Aztec religion that carried a mirror and a shield to observe people’s deeds on the earth. He had two embodiments and could be portrayed both as a creator and a depredator. Wanna learn more? Then take this Mexican History quiz right away!

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