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A genuine American cultural icon, Walt Disney was a creator of his own unique, attractive, and magic World of Disney including amazing cartoon characters, astonishing amusement parks, new technologies in the sphere of animated films, and lots of other innovations, some of them still remaining unexcelled. It’s time to learn more about the person who is considered the father of American animated cartoon, and check if you can be called a cartoon expert! At what age did Walt Disney get a job of a commercial illustrator? What was the first animated feature film released by Walt Disney? What was the original Disney's French family name? What was the name of Disney's very first animation studio? What was the original name of Disney's Mickey Mouse? Play our engrossing Walt Disney question quiz to get the answers, and test your exceptional knowledge!

Do your friends want to join the game, and check who of them can cope with the challenging task better? Then ask them to answer the tough Walt Disney questions we’ve prepared for our smartest players! Why did Walt Disney drop out of high school at age 16? How many times was Walt Disney nominated for Academy Awards? What was the last film to be produced by Walt Disney? What was the first sound cartoon produced by Walt Disney? Prove you deserve the title of a Disney specialist! Take other interesting quizzes devoted to exceptional historical figures like Thomas Edison quiz or Humphrey Bogart trivia quiz!

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