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The majority of people know Edison as the inventor of the light bulb, whom he actually wasn’t. Edison just perfected the invention made several years ago so that it became more practical and easy-to-use. Despite this fact Thomas Edison can be called a truly prolific inventor who held more than 1,000 US patents, and more than 2,000 patents worldwide! He was known as an incessant worker and an inspirational creator who never lost heart because of failures and problems! Looking at the world around him as at a basis for his numerous experiments, Edison managed to achieve great fame and change our planet and our society for the better, as we can’t imagine today’s life without dozens of things invented, perfected, or promoted by this exceptional scientist. Try this engaging Thomas Edison question quiz to learn more about the genius of this eminent person!

Thomas Edison trivia quiz we offer you to take part in consists of a whole bunch of intriguing questions that will help you to learn more about the personality of the inventor. You’ll find out what Edison’s interest to X-rays led to, what education he got, what connection between Edison and modern tattoo machines can be found, as well as many other interesting facts! Check if you can call yourself an expert in the history of significant inventions that have made the world a much better place! Take other absorbing quizzes about famous Americans like Mark Twain quiz or Abraham Lincoln trivia quiz!

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