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It has long been proven that Humphrey Bogart can be considered one of the most outstanding figures of American film industry. Born more than a century ago, he’s still regarded a true movie icon able to touch the hearts of millions by his dramatic and bright roles. Masked as a handsome gangster in most of his early movies, Bogart won the attention and recognition of viewers of all ages, but do we know much about both his characters and his life behind the scenes? How did Humphrey Bogart first catch the public's eye? For which movie did Humphrey Bogart receive his Oscar? How many times was Humphrey Bogart married? What 1942 film that stars Humphrey Bogart was nominated for eight Academy Awards, and won three? Let’s try to answer these tricky Humphrey Bogart questions together to recollect one of the greatest American actors possessing the status of a cultural icon!

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