Meet an outstanding American politician and a 2016 election nominee in our Hillary Clinton quiz!

Hillary Clinton has long been known as a supportive and understanding Frist Lady of the United States when her husband Bill was in office. But then gradually she decided to come out of her spouse’s shadow to start her own political career that was destined to be not less bright and renowned than that of her husband’s. In 2016 Hillary became the nominee of the Democratic Party for President of the USA, and now it’s time for Bill and for all Democratic Party adherents to support their enthusiastic candidate and wish her victory! We can’t stand aside either and offer you this intriguing Hillary Clinton questions quiz! After graduating from Wellesley, Hillary Clinton worked in Alaska, doing what? How did Hillary Clinton describe her own image in 1993? How long was Hillary Clinton both senator and first lady? What is Hillary Clinton's Christian faith? What is Hillary Clinton's maiden name? Guess the right answers and feel like a part of a huge American nation!

Are there any friends of yours who’d like to participate in Hillary Clinton trivia quiz, too? Then invite them right away and compete with them for the title of the best political expert of the year! What is Hillary Clinton's second name? What is the name of Hillary Clinton's daughter? What is the name of the Grammy-winning spoken album by Hillary Clinton? Where did Hillary Clinton study law? Which position did Hillary Clinton have in the government during Obama's first term? More correct answers will make you much closer to the top of our weekly and monthly ratings! Play on, and try other gripping quizzes like Donald trump quiz or Abraham Lincoln trivia quiz!

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