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Although Henry Ford is often considered the car and assembly line inventor, he was in fact a developer to a greater degree than an inventor. For all his life he wanted to improve the standards of living of people around him, followed his creative ideas, and did his best to put these ideas into practice. Ford was known as a strong peace supporter, a strong smoking opponent, and a very generous employer who spared no effort and money to attract lots of talented workers to his factory. Now we offer you to check if you know much about Henry Ford’s life, work, talents, concepts, views, and theories. Start this challenging Henry Ford quiz to expand your knowledge and test your memory!

In this Henry Ford trivia quiz we’ve collected the most engaging information about Ford’s life so that you’re never bored and always learn something really useful and exciting. Answer them to feel like a genuine expert in the field of the history of automotive industry! What car model produced by Henry Ford revolutionized transportation and American industry? What was Thomas Edison's attitude to Henry Ford's automobile experimentation? What company was founded by Henry Ford during World War I? How did Henry Ford attract talented workers to his company? Find these and many other intriguing questions in our Henry Ford questions quiz! Play other absorbing quizzes devoted to the most gifted and renowned Americans like Abraham Lincoln quiz or Mark Twain trivia quiz!

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