Take a closer look at the creative work of American literary giant with our dramatic Ernest Hemingway quiz!

A real genius and a heavy drinker, a literary rebel and a master of the understated style, a heartbreaker and an unbelievably lonely person – Hemingway is frequently presented to us in lots of images, and all of them are true. With not so many novels published, he still stays an acknowledged authority of American literature, and is rightfully considered to be one of the greatest authors who have ever touched the theme of the horrors of war in their books. Today we offer you to take this engaging Ernest Hemingway trivia quiz, and try your hand at our tough questions devoted to the private life and literary activity of this brilliant novelist! How many wives did Ernest Hemingway have? What job did Ernest Hemingway have in the army? Where was Ernest Hemingway raised? What was Ernest Hemingway's first novel? Guess the correct answers, and prove you deserve the title of a genuine literary connoisseur!

Would you like your friends to join you in this Ernest Hemingway questions game? Then offer them to participate too, and find out who of you can cope with the task better! Why was Ernest Hemingway almost fatally injured in Africa? What happened to Ernest Hemingway on July 2, 1961? What medal did Ernest Hemingway receive for his service in the Italian Army? What newspaper did Ernest Hemingway work for while in Paris? Give more correct answers, and be ready to surprise your friends with your exceptional knowledge! Try other riveting history quizzes like Henry Ford quiz or Mark Twain questions quiz!

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