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Billie Holiday was a prominent American singer and songwriter who flashed like a star, and passed away too early and unexpectedly. Her childhood was full of hardships and injustices, and her adult life became a story of a talented singer and a weak person at the same time. Brought to court for drug possession and drug abuse, having lots of legal troubles and problems with narcotics and alcohol, she wasn’t able to cope with all of them. The world has lost an outstanding jazz performer, but we can still remember Holiday listening to her magic voice and recollecting the most significant and tragic moments of her life. We offer you to answer these Billie Holiday quiz questions to commemorate one of the greatest American jazz vocalists of all time! Who were Billie Holiday's parents? Why was Billie Holiday sent to a reform school? Who did Billie Holiday take her professional pseudonym from? Who did Billie Holiday star with in the movie New Orleans? Display your remarkable knowledge, and invite other jazz music fans to participate, too!

The tougher the question the better the reward! Are you able to cope with all numerous intriguing Billie Holiday quiz questions we’ve prepared for you? In 1947, what was Billie Holiday arrested for? What club did Billie Holiday perform in after she lost her cabaret card? What 1948 Broadway show did Billie Holiday appear in? What Billie Holiday's autobiography was published in 1956? Remember that the more right answers you give and the more friends you invite the more WisePoints and special bonuses you receive! Play other Zadavaka’s engaging quizzes like Henry Ford quiz or Walt Disney trivia quiz!

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