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History is created by people and, of course, due to them. Every decision you make, your every step you take is of great importance. Just imagine: you donate a sum of money and save somebody, who, in their turn, can give a piece of advice to another, who possibly will somehow influence the lives of other people. The chain is endless. In this case we speak about ordinary people you interact with every day. But history can boast of extraordinary humans whose names are familiar to almost everyone in the world: Napoleon, Martin Luther King, Adolf Hitler, and even Jesus Christ. Among them are those who are famous for acts of great kindness and those whose cruelty will never be forgotten. At school you learnt much about their contribution to the history of this or that country or the world in general, but only a few of us will search for the information about them and study the facts of their biographies that influenced their worldview and behavior. Are you eager to move to a new level of mental development? Take Historical Figures trivia game to become one of those who think deeper, analyze facts and draw their own conclusions.

One of the most significant and at the same time destructive figures in the history of the world was German leader Adolf Hitler. Incredible hatred to many nations and manic belief in superiority of Aryan race culminated in millions of deaths. Historians could find out the explanation of his influence that spread on sixty-six million Germans in 1933, but one can find no excuse for his deeds. He is considered to have lost the sense of reality and caused great disasters. Historical Figures quiz will help you to find answers to the questions that historians are unable to give!

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