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If you are asked to match a sight to its location you are sure to cope with the task, but in order to truly appreciate a piece of architecture, one should learn the history of its creation. Similarly, in order to understand people belonging to some culture we should study the history of their country.

Take our free quiz on the history of the UK and you’ll get acquainted with basic information concerning each period of its development. You will learn why famous Stonehenge, that dates back to the prehistoric period, is considered to be one of the most mysterious archeological sites in the world. Thanks to this easy UK history quiz you will know that Hadrian’s Wall was created during the Roman period, that one of the most prominent figures of the period of Germanic invasions was legendary King Arthur, and that Robin Hood – the one that we all know so well from books, movies and cartoons – was a real person that became a symbol of the medieval period.

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