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Today Russian Federation is a huge influential state that covers a large area of Eurasia and is a member of numerous international organizations and councils. And it’s not by chance that Russia has acquired such power and potential. Russian people have survived numerous disasters and hardships, wars and starvation; nevertheless, they managed to prove they are a mighty nation with profound history. The heritage of Peter the Great, Alexander Pushkin, Peter Tchaikovsky, Kazimir Malevich, Ivan Pavlov, and a vast number of other internationally acclaimed rulers, poets, scientists, and artists is an integral part of modern Russia.

We invite you to participate in our Russian History trivia quiz and test your knowledge on this difficult, but extremely engaging topic. Answer the questions concerning the early history of Russia and its predecessor Kievan Rus, learn more facts about Russian art and literature, and puzzle out the delicate subject of succession to the Russian throne. If you take more interest in recent Russian history, we have lots of questions concerning the creation and dissolution of the Soviet Union and the establishment of Russian Federation as we can see it today.

If you are a fearless test-taker who is not afraid of tough questions about the complicated history of this great country– don’t waste time and start it right now! Try taking other informative History quizzes of our website to broaden your horizons in this exciting sphere of knowledge!

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