Our sincere greetings to the courageous players who are looking forward to our new arduous European history trivia quiz!

This European History questions quiz presents a whole new experience! It is a hard task even for true experts, but if difficult and tricky questions don’t scare you, then you will surely beat this challenge with the help of your inquisitive mind and excellent memory! History of Europe represents an unbelievably complicated system of constants wars, struggles for power and territory, fights with deadly epidemics, and the unlimited influence of religious institutions. But it was surely filled with many positive moments too – numerous discoveries made by European travelers and conquerors, sensational inventions in such important fields of science as physics, chemistry, mathematics, and many others, and, of course, great masterpieces of art, music and literature, created by the genii of old times. We have to admit that the role of European countries in the world history can hardly be overestimated, and now we offer you this intricate European history question quiz to test your knowledge of the most significant moments and historical figures that influenced our modern society in this or that way.

There is no doubt that sometimes history can be entangled enough to confuse even the most professional scholars, let alone amateur historians who long for solving hard and challenging riddles set many years and centuries ago. In our European history quiz we have included the most engaging questions about eminent kings and powerful queens, fearless warriors and their mighty generals, the greatest artists, writers, and scientists, and many other aspects that in some way reflect the notion of History of Europe. Start this engrossing European history trivia game to check if you know all these details and to prove you are the best in this strenuous contest!

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Be ready to break the records and to earn the title of the best player ever!

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