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Ancient history is the most fascinating part of the history of mankind. This enigmatic epoch is hidden in the darkness of ancient times. Some events of ancient history seem unbelievable and, thus, remain the cause of fierce scientific disputes. Our Ancient History question quiz opens the most amazing and fascinating period of history to our players! Take our interesting Ancient Egypt trivia quiz, and you will feel the hot and dry air of Africa, meet Egyptian Pharaohs giving orders on the construction of pyramids, and find out the answer to the Riddle of the Sphinx! Our Ancient Greece question quiz is just as fascinating!

Don’t miss this quiz and it will carry you away to the highest peak of Mount Olympus, the home of the Twelve Olympian Gods, to the places where Plato and Aristotle created their remarkable works, and, of course, you will become the participant of the first Olympic Games! The inspirational words by Julius Caesar are these, “Veni, vedi, vici”; so take our amazing Ancient Rome question quiz right away to follow the way of Ancient Rome to one of the greatest and largest empires in the ancient world!

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