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Travelers who wished to explore the world and to discover new astonishing and beautiful places were often attracted by mountains and mountain ranges due to their grandeur, inaccessibility, and closeness to the sky. People of ancient times sometimes thought that high mountains are the dwelling places of their gods and goddesses, and therefore made no attempts to conquer their peaks for fear of being severely punished. Today the situation has changed, and many mountain climbers dream of reaching the top of Mount Everest or K2. And still not many of them succeed at it, as mountain summits ascents are not simply dangerous, but often even tragic. We offer you this exciting Mountains quiz and hope that you will be able to answer all its tricky questions and get to the top of this unattainable summit!

We have compiled this engaging Mountains question quiz so that you could enjoy questions of various types connected with various aspects of this compelling theme. To answer all of them you’ll have to recollect the highest world mountains and the longest mountain ranges; to call to your mind the most eminent rock climbers and the most important dates associated with the most significant summit ascents; to refresh your memory on geography and to match this or that mountain with the country or continent it is situated on. Summon up all your courage and try our amazing Mountains quiz!

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