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We’re living in a wonderful world. There are so many amazing things which surround us, our houses and cities. Environment is where we all live; it determines the conditions of people’s existence, provides resources to support life on every piece of land and includes living and non-living elements, such as animals and plants, air and water, etc. Some environments are very clean, and we call them healthy. Sadly, some places are not so clean because people hadn’t taken care about it for centuries and these places became polluted. Environment is a significant issue today, and we know that we must be extremely careful and responsible with the decisions we make in order not to harm our surroundings. However, what do we really know about environment? To answer this urgent question try to deal with our Environment quiz questions!

How much carbon dioxide do we produce every day? What country consumes the most energy in the world and what country produces the least amount of it? What source of energy is the leading in the US? You will find these and many more captivating and educational questions in our free and fun Environment quiz! Test yourself on how environmentally wise you are, find the right answers, and learn some interesting facts about environment along the way.

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