Quiz Questions - World Discoveries

We are ready to surprise our inquisitive players with one of the most engaging and intriguing quizzes of the whole Geography theme! Take our Discoveries question quiz and let the other test-takers be defeated by your impressive knowledge!
A human being has always been a very curious creature, which led to many disasters and, fortunately, even a greater number of discoveries and inventions. Many travelers risked or even sacrificed their lives to expand the boundaries of the small world they lived in and see the unknown lands. And now you will have to demonstrate the level of your curiosity and courage answering these Discoveries questions devoted to all possible explorations ever made. A part of them are taught at school, others are presented to us only in universities, and some are learnt accidentally while surfing the web or watching TV. But we should always keep in mind a simple idea – an insignificant encounter for a person may become the greatest revelation for the whole world!

Our Discoveries trivia quiz touches upon different countries, cultures, nations and time periods. Here you may face questions about Christopher Columbus and Amerigo Vespucci, Ferdinand Magellan and Alexander the Great, Vasco da Gama and James Cook. Take a quiz on History if you want to learn why and when the greatest geographic discoveries were made or answer questions about Historical Figures to find whose outstanding achievements include a discovery or two!

Plunge into the history of famous and important world discoveries with our free and easy Discoveries quiz! Collect dozens of WisePoints and easily dispose of your quiz competitors! We wish you the best of luck!

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