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We invite you to take our Deserts question quiz to learn more about the sultriest and the coldest places on our planet. Deserts have hostile conditions for any form of life; nevertheless, there is certain fascination about deserts! Answer our interesting Deserts quiz questions to learn more about fierce dust storms, shady oases, beautiful mirages, and yellow sand dunes. Our tricky and curious Deserts question quiz is designed for those willing to expand his or her knowledge of major deserts. What is the largest desert on Earth? What is the world’s driest hot desert? What is the coldest inhabited place on Earth? What is the windiest desert? The questions are extremely captivating, aren’t they? Try to find the answers to these questions with our absorbing Deserts question quiz that will carry you away to the deserts of Sahara and Antarctica, Gobi and Kalahari, the Arabian Desert and the Great Victoria Desert.

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