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Those who are ready to match the country to its national currency and learn something new are welcome to take Currencies question quiz. Amaze your friends with how informed you are in this sphere! We are sure you will find easy quiz questions on world currencies not only informative but also very interesting. Money is the foundation of economy of each country and the world in general. We can offer you a huge amount of interesting facts about the valuable bits of metal and paper that you use every day.
We are accustomed to the fact that money is made either of paper or metal. But if we look back to our history we will learn that money has not always been minted and printed! For example, tea and salt in Burma, silk in China and cocoa in Mexico were used at some point as the means of exchange. For a long time coins and paper bills were substituted with tobacco, corn, rice and dried fish in different countries. An amazing fact is the usage of leather as the material for money. It was recorded in 1816, 1826, and 1834 in Alaska.

Even nowadays money is not always made of metal and paper. In Australia, Brazil, Thailand, Malaysia, Rumania and many other countries a plastic polymer is used for this purpose. Paper banknotes appeared in China and were used only in funeral ceremonies. On the territory of Canada they used playing cards instead of paper banknotes. When the French faced a lack of paper banknotes to pay its workers’ wages in 1685, they found a way out: cards were cut into pieces and face-value was written on each of them. When ships came to Canada, people could trade the cards for coins. The situation repeated several times within the 18th century only. Take a chance and try free Currencies trivia game to learn more about the world around you!

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