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Imagine that you need more than two weeks to go from London to New York on board a ship. Or think that it is impossible to leave a little town where you were born and move to Australia because this country is situated too far and there are no routes or ways to go there. Imagine that you cannot just buy an airplane ticket and go wherever you want because there are no airports. Your world would be much smaller without them, wouldn’t it? Airports make every distance manageable. They are probably the main points on maps which connect citizens and visitors of cities with people from all over the globe; they’ve long become a part of our everyday life. However, how much do we know about airports security, their rules and daily routine? Test your knowledge on all things connected with airports playing our high-class Airport quiz questions!

How many months did Arthur Hailey spend working at the airport to reach realism in his famous book “Airport”? What is the most prestigious award for the airports? Where is all lost baggage kept? If you know all about the airports take Airports trivia quiz to show off your knowledge!

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