We are immensely pleased to invite you to participate in our all-encompassing World questions quiz!

Test your erudition and see how many interesting, amusing and breathtaking facts we have prepared for our inquisitive players!
The planet we live on is amazing, extremely beautiful, and full of wonders and surprises. There is no place on Earth that isn’t worthy of notice, and each of us should do his/her best to explore new areas and discover new astonishing cities, small nice villages, or just travel through vast expanses of land and ocean. But you don’t have to leave your home and hop on a plane to travel around the world - now you’ve got a chance to broaden your horizons while simply sitting in an armchair and surfing the Internet, because a lot of information about every corner of the globe can be found there. This World trivia quiz gives you such an opportunity; so jump at it right now and have a great time with us!

In our World quiz you are going to face numerous questions about all possible Countries, cities, deserts, mountains, lakes, seas, and rivers. It can probably be quite a challenge even for experts in geography to guess the Capitals of states or to match Flags to the countries. But the tougher the questions, the greater the reward! Do not forget to follow your progress and find out what planet your wise monster is travelling to as you earn more and more WisePoints and become the leader of our weekly ratings!

Try these World quiz questions, achieve excellent results, enjoy the game, and invite other people with inquiring minds to join us too!

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