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North America Geography Quiz Game

A new captivating and tricky North America trivia quiz is awaiting the brave test-takers! Do you believe you know everything about the homeland of Native Americans and the continent that welcomed and sheltered so many people of different nations, cultures and religions? Try our North America quiz questions and find it out!

The population of North America is extremely heterogeneous; since it was discovered by Europeans millions of immigrants from across the globe have arrived there. Attracted by the beauty of the land, the opportunities it gives, and the spirit of freedom they lacked in their native countries, the newcomers managed not only to settle down, but to make the continent their new home. Take our North America trivia quiz to check if your knowledge of immigration and colonization history, as well as other issues of North American history, is deep enough!

In this North America quiz you will deal with questions on various topics, such as environment of the continent, the countries that are a part of it, famous and influential people who were born or live there, and many others. Do not get disappointed if you can’t answer some of them correctly – the more we work, the more we get! This North America questions quiz is a good chance to show your erudition and to learn even more!

Discover the marvelous land of North America with our quiz, collect WisePoints, beat other players and enjoy your time with us! Good luck!

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