Welcome to our exquisite UK Geography trivia quiz!

We are glad to invite you to the country of Big Ben, Stonehenge, and the Buckingham Palace! Welcome to our exquisite UK trivia quiz!
The romance and beauty of the United Kingdom have inspired generations of poets and artists. Moreover, the UK is a country of strong, irresistible attraction for millions of people worldwide. The United Kingdom attracts millions of tourists because it has something special to offer to each and every one of its visitors. It is a country of unique traditions and history, where the fascination of the old times blends with ultramodern ways of life, that is why Great Britain provokes so much interest! It is a country of tea and fogs, unpredictable changeable weather and umbrellas. Great Britain is famous for William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens, for Big Ben and Stonehenge, Agatha Christie and James Bond, Sir Winston Churchill and Her Majesty the Queen!

Our UK questions quiz has a lot to offer even to the most picky players! UK quiz questions touch upon the history and geography of the famous country, its traditions and culture, and, of course, celebrated Britons! You will certainly enjoy answering the quiz questions about the United Kingdom, and you may even learn some new interesting facts about the country! Test your knowledge of other European countries too! We offer you to take our wonderful and interesting Austria trivia quiz, Russia question quiz, Ireland free quiz, or France question quiz!

Sometimes fogs are very thick in the UK, but don’t let them cloud your mind! Answer our UK quiz questions correctly, score WisePoints, and do your best to become the top player of the week!

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