Russian Geography Quiz Questions Game

We express our warmest welcome to the guests of this website who take interest in the biggest country of the world – Russian Federation. We are glad to invite you to participate in a new Russia questions quiz and check if you may call yourself an expert on Russia!
These Russia quiz questions will make you call to mind all you have ever seen, heard, learned or come to find out about this great, enormous and ethnically diverse country. Russian people have always been surrounded by a huge number of various negative stereotypes, from being alcohol abusers to living next door to bears who constantly play balalaikas. But those who happen to visit Russia and deal with the inhabitants of this astonishing country can see for themselves that it is a land of outstanding beauty, profound history, and warm and open-hearted people. So now you’ve got a chance to take our Russia quiz and test your knowledge in all the areas connected with this remarkable state.

In this Russia trivia quiz we offer you multiple questions about history and geography of Russia, its distinguished writers, artists, musicians and public figures, as well as some tricky questions concerning modern Russia. Try to guess the location of this or that city, count the number of Russian regions that they call a funny word “oblast”, or explore the beauty of the most distant areas that are impossible to reach without a helicopter.

Display your ingenuity answering our challenging Russia quiz questions and be ready to show excellent results! May luck and success be with you!

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