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We hope the two adjectives did not scare you off, as the Irish use them to describe things that are really, really good! To avoid further culture clash, start Ireland questions quiz right now!
Many people choose this country as a vacation destination for several reasons: beautiful landscapes, Guinness, which is the most consumed beer brand in Ireland, theatrical performances, rock parties etc. But those who have visited this country say that Ireland’s greatest attraction is its people - very friendly, kindhearted and polite.
If you have a look at the Irish flag you will see three stripes: the green one symbolizes the Catholic part of the country, the red one - Protestants, the white stripe – peace and unity of its people. And this is only one piece of interesting information that you can find in our Ireland trivia quiz!

But then, there is more! Do you want to learn why the trefoil and the harp are the main symbols of this country? Did you know that in contrast to other European countries August is an autumn month in Ireland? Does it surprise you that the first Duty Free Shop was opened exactly in Ireland? Take our Ireland quiz to learn all of the best Irish trivia facts!

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