Do you want to visit all the countries in the world at once? Welcome to our Countries trivia quiz, the quiz that erases distances and borders!

There are more than 200 sovereign states in the world that differ in size and natural resources, flora and fauna, environment and landscape. All these issues are studied by the science of geography. Take our Countries question quiz to learn more about the global position and boundaries of major countries, about their climate, population, highest mountains, and longest rivers. We all know where France, Germany, and Egypt are situated, but can you show Benin, Suriname, or Togo on the map just as easily? Answer our curious Countries quiz questions to learn more about the world you live in! You will test your general knowledge of geography and different countries. What is the capital of Australia? What is the world’s largest country? What country has the fastest growing population? What country has the longest coastline in the world? We offer you to expand your knowledge and become an expert at geography!

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We are sure that you will be enraptured with our fun Countries trivia quiz! Moreover, you will get 10 WisePoints for a correct answer; try to score as many WisePoints as possible to become the record-breaker of the week!