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Although Washington, D.C. is the capital of the United States it still remains a quiet business city mostly notable for its impressive monuments of presidents and national leaders. Washington, D.C. can hardly be called the city of American dream that is full of surprises and entertainment places and most Americans perceive it as the political center of the country. But we can prove Washington, D.C. is not a formal capital but a city that reveals its secrets to those who really want to know more about the place! Start this Washington, D.C. trivia quiz and test if you can be called a country expert! What US President never lived in Washington? Who is the only president buried in DC? When was the Washington Monument officially opened? Who does the Statue of Freedom in Washington, D.C. depict? What national memorial in Washington, D.C. was unveiled in 2014? Dare to start this Washington, D.C. questions quiz and take your chance to check your geographical knowledge!

Would you like to play with your friends and find out who of you is a more skilled quizee? Then invite them to try this Washington, D.C. quiz right now! What letter was mistakenly carved into Lincoln's second inaugural address on the Lincoln Memorial? What is the oldest part of Washington, D.C.? What percent of Washington, D.C. residents speak a language other than English? Where was Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial situated in Washington, D.C. made? How many questions are you ready to answer? Take the quiz and find out if you’re correct! Try other quizzes by Zadavaka like New York City trivia quiz or George Washington quiz!

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