Quiz Questions about the Cities of the World

We are overjoyed at the opportunity to offer the most dedicated guests of our website a thought- provoking Cities question quiz!

If you start to recollect the names of the cities you know, their number will probably be around 50 or 70, maybe 100 for those who are really good at Geography questions. But in fact there are thousands of them, although some names may sound utterly strange or ridiculous to us. Batman in Turkey, Dinga in Pakistan, or Hazard and Fifty-Six in the USA – one can never know how many beautiful cities with unusual names can be found on the map of the World. This Cities trivia quiz gives you a chance to get more information about both well-known cities and quiet little towns, and perhaps to add some of them to your own list of places to visit!

In this Cities quiz we have prepared for you different types of tasks. You may be asked to match a city to the country it is situated in, or guess the population of some place, or say where a famous person was born or some discovery was made. Some questions are really hard to answer, so you will have to interrogate your memory or trust your intuition to make the right choice. If you feel like trying such a challenge – don’t waste time and play our free Cities trivia game right now!

Learn more about the familiar places and expand your knowledge of remote and exotic destinations! The participant who shows the best results and scores the most WisePoints will become the player of the week! Invite you friends with whom you can share the triumph and be prepared to have more fun!

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