Australia Quiz as a geography knowledge test and a celebration!

Australia is one of the most popular traveling destinations (dreams included); is astonishing native flora and fauna alongside with friendly people and interesting (or confusing) rules and laws inspired the celebration of Australia Day on January, 26 (the anniversary of 1788 arrival of the First Fleet of British ships and the raising of the British flag in Sydney Cove.)

Australia can boast of being the pioneer and/or champion in many things. Would you like to learn more? Then play Australia quiz now or read on carefully (to be able to use the info when answering the questions of our Australia trivia quiz) and take the quiz afterwards:

  • Australia was among the founders of the United Nations
  • It was the country where 8-hour working day originated in
  • One of its islands (Tasmania) has the cleanest air in the world
  • It holds the second position in the Human Development Index (calculated on the basis of life expectancy, income and education)
  • It is the only continent with no active volcano on it
  • The world’s first seat belt law was enforced in Australia in 1970
  • It is where the world’s oldest fossil (3.4 billion years old) was dug up
  • Australia was the second country in the world to recognize women’s suffrage (right to vote)

Here are a few more amazing and amusing facts about Australia that are sure to be included in our Australia questions quiz:

  • The population of Australia is very sparse. There are only 2.66 people per square kilometer (compare with the UK’s 248.5 people per square kilometer!) But this is only statistical data, as people in Australia tend to stay close to the coast – over 85% live within 50 kilometers of the coast. And one more fact to support the statement: the largest property in Australia is bigger than the territory of Belgium!
  • The first police force in Australia was formed by convicts (those who behaved well, of course!)
  • There are so many beaches in Australia that it would take you 27 years to see all of them if you visited a beach a day.
  • Some shopping malls and restaurants play classical music at night to scare off teenagers who tend to loiter in their car parks.

As we said, Australia has its unique and astonishing flora and fauna (as usual, look for them when answering your Australia quiz questions). See for yourself:

  • The two animals from the Australian coat of arms – kangaroo and emu – cannot walk backwards (this is one of the reasons for their being on the coat of arms). Emus are extremely strong - strong enough to have beaten the Australian military in the war aimed at reducing the population of emus. Kangaroos are also strong, but not as a strong as they used to be before the arrival of humans, when they were 3 meters tall!
  • When platypus was first delivered to the English, the latter did not believe that it was a real animal; they mistook it for a rat with a duck’s bill sewn onto its muzzle. But it was wrong to ridicule the platypus, as now it’s known that its venom is strong enough to kill a small dog
  • There is a bird called lyrebird that can mimic the calls of 20+ other birds, as well as the sound of a chainsaw, a camera and a car alarm.
  • Being highly flammable, eucalyptus oil make the trees explode during bushfires.
  • The Box jellyfish is far more dangerous than the crocodile or the shark – it has killed more people in Australia than all of the above-mentioned predators.
  • The Great Barrier Reef is the largest living structure in the world. And if this is not amazing enough, here’s another fact: it has its own postbox!

And now it is time to test your improved knowledge of Australia by taking our Australia trivia quiz!

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