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It goes without saying that you are familiar with everything that is connected to your country, but do you want to extend the knowledge you possess beyond limits?

Here’s a chance for you to broaden your outlook and enlarge your knowledge in Geography in general and in China in particular! Do you like travelling? Maybe you can’t decide what country you should visit next? We are sure you can find inspiration and great ideas in our China quiz questions!

China occupies a great territory and has a huge population; Chinese culture is one of the oldest cultures in the world. Besides, China is famous for its widely used inventions: book printing, paper, gunpowder and first compass. Do you think that’s all you should know about this ancient, great and rapidly developing country? Free quiz questions on China are the best way to learn more about the mysteries of the Red Dragon of Asia.

China is unique and charming. Our free quiz questions on China will surprise you with tons of interesting facts, e.g.: that the Chinese have a calendar that differs from the one we are using (e.g.: in 2016 they start celebrating New Year on the 8th of February and as usual, the celebration will last for a whole month). Do you know what town in China is considered to be the most beautiful one? Don’t lose your time then! Jump at the opportunity to take our Chinese geography trivia quiz!

Test your knowledge, learn more and amaze your friends with how brainy you are! And when you are through with the quiz questions on China, continue your self-education by taking our quiz on France, the USA, learn more about Flags and the greatest Discoveries. And when your mind is full of new and useful information, answer World quiz questions to test your newly-acquired knowledge. Gain points and become the winner of the week. Good luck!

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