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We are happy to offer you our engrossing Geography questions quiz!
We have composed numerous geography quiz questions for you to assay strength in various spheres of this exciting field of knowledge. People always want to know more about the wonderful world that surrounds them. With our Geography trivia game you will travel around the whole planet and get a lot of exciting and useful information about distant countries, wild tribes that don’t want to join the civilized society, picturesque lakes and rivers, thick virgin forests, and many other tantalizing places and extraordinary people. And now you will get an opportunity to not only discover new astonishing places, but to broaden your horizons by learning stunning facts about well-known locations as well. Take up this challenge, test your erudition and be ready for a tough game!

Our free geography quiz questions are divided into several categories so that you could check your knowledge in different branches of this science. Take up the challenge devoted to European countries, try to answer quiz questions on physical geography or improve your knowledge of the USA states and cities. Everyone is sure to find multiple geography quiz questions on their subjects of interest.

Take part in the best geography questions quiz and try to beat the records of other players! Collect as many WisePoints as possible, win special bonuses and receive fantastic gifts! Experience brand new geography trivia questions and have a great time with our quiz!

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