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Zadavaka has very recently come to our planet and knows little of Earth, but the wise monster is eager to learn anything about our planet! He has lots of questions! Children often ask their parents why the sky is blue, why grass is green, or why birds fly and people walk. Zadavaka has similar questions. How many colors of the rainbow are there? What is the coldest season of the year? What is the shortest month of the year? Or what is the first day of the week? Zadavaka asks a lot of questions! Could you help him find the answers to these questions? Zadavaka prepared a list of most interesting, captivating and curious General Knowledge quiz questions for you! His General Knowledge quiz questions touch upon various topics; however, our wise monster hopes that you will have no difficulty answering them!

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Why delay? Let’s start the game right away! This game is a win-win: you will help Zadavaka learn a lot of new information and in return Zadavaka will help you earn lots of WisePoints and to raise your weekly rating! Do your best to beat other players and become the record-breaker of the week!

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