We’ve got a new challenge for you now – take this Video Games question quiz and see how far you can go!

The time has come to offer something special for our exceptional guests – and here we are with an absorbing quiz for the most zealous gamers who can’t live a day without trying a new mobile game or moving to the next level of their favorite one. Today we can hardly imagine that there were times when video games just didn’t exist, although it’s not a very far cry from those times (please not the gaming pun!) The first example of such a game appeared in the 1950s only, and now, more that 70 years on, the video game industry is enormous and prosperous. New game consoles and other devices are produced every year; new games, updates and upgrades are released constantly; thousands of people work to make every new video game more absorbing, exciting, thrilling and true-to-life. With the appearance of Internet gaming world has moved to a new level that allows users to play with their team-mates from another city or country, play online games, and easily level up their characters buying necessary goods, skills or points with the help of electronic money. Our dreams have come true – we can create a hero that will look exactly like us and do whatever we want to in the virtual space of computer games. Let’s take this wonderful Video Games quiz and test right now if there are any more innovations in this incredible sphere of entertainment!

Our Video Games trivia quiz is going to be quite a challenge and will show if our test-taker is a guru in video gaming technologies, advancements, terms and history or if he has to review his knowledge and come back a bit later! If you consider yourself a computer wizard who is able to beat any video game – try these Video Games questions and see if you can give the correct answers to all of them!

We hope you will enjoy this Video Games trivia game and will invite your friends to participate! Try our Board games quiz, Cartoons quiz, or think of any subject you like – you will definitely find a quiz about it on our website!

The more you play, the closer to the top of our weekly ratings you get!

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