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Doug Taylor, an American writer, once said, "People never really grow up. They just get bigger adult bodies. And they really want to continue to play." So, let’s play and let’s have fun! It is time to remember your childhood, your favorite games and most adorable toys! We offer you our most interesting Toys question quiz! Where were the earliest toys found? When did the first yo-yos appear? What image was found on the first jigsaw puzzle? Who invented the kaleidoscope? We are sure that you are eager to find out the answers to these tricky questions! Or, perhaps, you already know them? In either case, try our marvelous Toys question quiz, and you will learn a lot of new amazing information about the history of toys! Our Toys quiz questions also touch upon most famous toys of the past and the present, major toy companies, and other fun facts about toys (e.g.: don’t tell children but Play-Doh was originally created as a wallpaper cleaner)! Our wonderful Toys question quiz will revive funny Mr. Potato Head, glamorous Barbie, and the Little Professor!

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