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Gambling is usually defined as a game where the victory does not depend on the skills of a player but is a matter of luck. Studies show that of people asked to explain what gambling is, 66% answered that it’s a game for money, 13% were sure that it’s a game where the victory depends on fortune, 8% thought that these are games in casinos and 11% couldn’t answer this question. And what opinion do you share? Speaking about gambling, it should be mentioned that the probability of a gain in this case is only 0.001 %. Although this figure is very small, many people keep on playing. To win they are ready to sell everything they have, lose their families, and incur debt. Once they start they can’t stop. What drives people mad? Why do small winnings stimulate people to continue playing? Not only answers to these questions but a huge amount of useful information is waiting for you in free quiz questions on Gambling! We will tell you what to do not to get into the trap of gambling, how to stop in time, and of course you will learn about strategies that can be used to win.

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