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Board games are one of the best ways to pass time with pleasure in a company of friends and even less familiar people. To entice and attract visitors many cafes offer their guests an opportunity not only to have a snack but also to play board games while eating. No wonder this idea became so popular among ever busy lonely citizens. Free quiz questions on Board Games will provide you with a huge amount of useful information. Let’s get it started! You are sure to know such games as Munchkin, Activity, Monopoly, Colonizers, UNO and many others, but do you know anything about their types, history and purpose? Board games can be competitive and cooperative (Arkham Horror), abstract (Hive) and wargames (Tide of Iron) and social (Mafia), based on fantasy (Munchkin) or on some film or book (A Game of Thrones) etc. But the ancestor of all these games was Mancala. It’s the oldest board game and it is almost 8000 years old. In reality it’s not the game itself but a type of game.

Among other ancient games it’s necessary to mention Caturanga – Indian strategy game similar to chess, and Mahjong - a card game which motherland is China. If you strain at the leash, don’t waste a second to learn more about board games. Life is a game that has its own complicated rules and strategies, but you can learn and try to apply many of them in our free quiz questions on Board Games.

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