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Zadavaka’s favorite holiday is Trivia day, which is observed annually on January, 4, because it is the day when people in the US (and probably all around the world) are celebrating information and knowledge – the two most important concept in little blue monster’s life!

Originally the word “trivium,” which is the singular form of “trivia,” used to mean something new.

Trivia questions gained popularity in the 1960s, when college students created the process of trading questions and answers about the pop culture of their time. Two students of Columbia University Ed Goodgold and Don Carlinsky even wrote trivia columns in Columbia Daily Spectator, and after that they invented inter-collegiate quiz bowls, which they called “trivia contests.” These contests tested the knowledge of culturally important, yet universally insignificant facts. In 1966, Goodgold and Carlinsky published a book called “Trivia” that changed society’s attitude to trivia and earned a ranking on the New York Times list of bestsellers.

Nowadays, the term “trivia” is used to describe bits of knowledge that have no practical use, but still are very interesting to learn. Be careful though not to mix up the words “trivia” and “factoid”: the latter is now used as a synonym of the word “trivia”, but originally it meant an unreliable piece of information accepted as a fact because it is repeated too often.

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