Treat yourself to one of the best beverages in the world with our Coffee quiz!

Although different people have different attitude to coffee, there is hardly a person who’s never tried this drink. Unbelievably popular, coffee appeared in our life centuries ago and is still appreciated by millions. Coffee is consumed in both the poorest regions of the planet and in the most luxurious houses by the richest members of our society. We admire its flavor and its taste, the energy it gives us and the active start of the day that we have thanks to a cup of this delicious brew. Drink coffee and play our yummy Coffee trivia quiz! Where do coffee beans grow? What are Arabica varieties such as Java and Mocha named after? What is the Coffee Belt? Why is iced coffee more expensive? How much time does it take to start feeling the effects of caffeine after you drink coffee? Answer more Coffee quiz questions to prove you a genuine coffee expert!

In case your friends enjoy coffee just as you do invite them to participate in our awesome Coffee questions quiz! Check who of you can be called true coffee experts! What does the word "espresso" mean in Italian? How many attempts to ban coffee have there been throughout history? How many cups of coffee do you have to drink to consume the lethal dose of caffeine? What is the most caffeinated country? More correct answers will make you closer to the top of our ratings! Try other intriguing quizzes like French cuisine quiz or Drinks trivia quiz!

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