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Turks as many other nations were nomads. They moved from one place to another and this way they got acquainted with new products. More than that, the territory of Turkey was inhabited by Assyrian people, Greeks, Armenians, The Turkic peoples and many others, each contributing to the culinary traditions of this country. This influence made Turkish cuisine diverse and famous all over the world and in the Ottoman Empire food was almost a cult. In the Topkapı Palace there worked 13 thousand cooks each having his separate specialization. Get acquainted with typical dishes of Turkey together with our clever monster in tasty quiz questions on Turkish cuisine!

What should a person know about national dishes of Turkey? Easy and delicious Turkish cuisine quiz questions inform you that first and foremost almost all these dishes are healthy as the Turks prefer baking, boiling and stewing food. Secondly, the dishes are various, well served and tasty. If you have never been to Turkey, Zadavaka will help you to learn the culture of this country through its national cuisine: kebab, dolma, baklava, boza, raki, ayran. Try to guess what the dishes are made of judging only by their names. Get inspired and cook healthy food at home!

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