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We prepared this gourmet paradise for those who cannot be indifferent to history, theory and practice of the heart of Mediterranean cuisine – welcome to the best Spanish Cuisine quiz! Spanish food is a unique collection of Roman, Celtic, Arabic recipes with the exquisite Spanish spirit. In Andalusia you can find hot and spicy food, an Arabic heritage; Celtic influence formed receipts features of Galicia, whilst Valencia is famous for its typically Mediterrannean cuisine. This great heritage is supplemented by numerous American, French and even Chinese products and dishes, which have come here since 16th century. What are the most popular products and dishes of Spain? Wine, citrus fruits, olive oil, paella – to name a few – are the most famous of them. If you consider yourself as a gourmet, our Spanish Cuisine quiz is a perfect delicacy for you.

Are you really knowledgeable about ingredients, history, recipes and entertaining facts of Spanish Food? What product is called “liquid gold”? Can you explain the word pintxos? What is the difference between Iberian pork and Italian prosciutto? Some Spanish Cuisine quiz questions may be a little bit tricky, but all of them are equally educational and interesting!

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