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Russian cuisine is an umbrella term for Russian traditional cuisine and Soviet cuisine; each one has its unique peculiarities, and, thus, Russian cuisine can’t be limited to shchi (cabbage soup) and kasha (porridge) only. We offer you to take our fascinating Russian cuisine question quiz to increase your knowledge of traditional Russian dishes. It’s also worth mentioning that Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, the famous French epicure and gastronome, was a true admirer of Russian cuisine and considered it to be one of the greatest cuisines of the world, alongside with Chinese and French cuisines. In our most delicious Russian cuisine question quiz you will find interesting quiz questions that touch upon the history and major traditions of Russian cuisine, tell more about world-renowned cooks and chefs and, of course, about most famous recipes. Tasty bliny and hot pelmeni, savory rassolnik (soup with pickled cucumbers) and nourishing ukha (fish soup), appetizing kulebyakas (pies with meat, fish or vegetables filling) and refreshing kvass… Doesn't all this make your mouth water? Then let’s start the game right away!

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