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A peculiar feature of Jewish cuisine is adherence to kashrut when cooking and eating food. The laws of kashrut are indicated in Torah – the sacred book of Jews. According to this book, food doesn’t serve only physical needs of a person but also feeds his/her spirit, thus helping to acheve a higher level of spirituality. The laws of kashrut divide food into kosher (allowed according to Torah) and traif (not kosher, forbidden). Among the most popular Jewish dishes are soups (Matzah Ball soup, cheese thick soup, lentil soup, squash and avocado soup), stuffed meat and vegetable dishes (bakhsh, tzimmes, cholent, chuppah, hummus, forshmak, shakshuka, etc.), and of course farinaceous dishes (challah, matzoth). Jews can’t do without species and use pepper, cinnamon, dill, cloves, ginger, bay leaf. Do you want to check your knowledge in Jewish Cuisine quiz qeustions and learn more about its tight connection with religious worldview of mediums? Then take a free quiz on Jewish Cuisine.

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