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Typical Japanese dishes are so different from those of European cuisine that for a Western person seeing them for the first time they may seem totally uneatable. But today thanks to the Internet and social networks there is no person in the Western world unaware of the exceptional Japanese gastronomy – sushi and makizushi, tempura and miso soup, sake and shōchū, and dozens of other exquisite meals. Westerners have managed to appreciate the unusual taste and a bit strange look of Japanese food and have adopted some of the recipes to make them a part of their own cuisine. Japanese restaurants are opened all over the world, bringing even more popularity to the traditional Japanese dishes. Now our Japanese cuisine trivia quiz gives you an opportunity to check if you have tried enough of Japanese food and can differentiate these unique and exotic recipes!

It would be entirely wrong to believe that Japanese dishes include only sushi or similar food. Try to imagine you are a real expert who is able to distinguish between tosazu and suribachi, tsukemono and chinmi, and hundreds of other incredible meals with surprising names. Do your best to find your way through the maze of Japanese cuisine quiz questions and learn the names of the most renowned Japanese chefs and the traditions in cooking they try to keep. Be brave and be ready to remember a lot of unexpected facts about this outstanding representative of East Asian cuisine!

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