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Modern Italian cuisine is widely known all over the globe. You can find pizza and pasta in every city from Katmandu to Stockholm and from Seoul to Rio de Janeiro. We love it and you love it, don’t deny it, we won’t tell your fitness trainer! The original taste of these dishes can be discovered only under the hot sun of Apennines. What is the greatest secret of Italian food? Try to find it out by answering our delightful Italian Cuisine quiz questions.

Italian Cuisine quiz questions generally cover topics from the history of Italian food, Italian cheese names, or the most famous desserts to Italian wines and coffee. Why there is no “x” in espresso? How much does the most expensive bottle of Italian wine cost? Who and in what circumstances invented the multitude of pasta kinds? If you know the answers to these questions or the difference between “trattoria”, “osteria” and “pizzeria,” our fun Italian Cuisine quiz is your perfect fit. ou might be surprised how much you know about Italian food, which is both an art and a lifestyle for Italians!

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