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A sumptuous feast is ready for all those who want to plunge into wonderful world of Greek Cuisine quiz questions! Food is, no doubt, one of the most important parts of the Greek culture. Many dishes and products are peculiarities of this beautiful country: numerous delicious kinds of cheeses from salty feta to honeyed and sweet soft cheeses, rich layers of delicate mousakas, spices and nuts, and, of course, tons of olives raised under the hot Mediterranean sun! Some of these delicacies are common on whole territory of Greece; others are a huge source of pride for local citizens. Greek traditional recipes are always easy to cook, scrumptious and delicious! We bet the descriptions above made your mouth water already. Play our Greek Cuisine trivia quiz to satisfy your knowledge hunger (and maybe you will find a new interesting receipt for this evening among Greek Cuisine quiz questions)!

Appetizers, main dishes, sides, desserts and wines - how well will you do with this? Test yourself on how much you know about the secret receipt of Greece bread, a main ingredient of tzatziki or keftedakia, or famous legends about gods, goddesses and their food preferences. To find out answers to these questions and many more in this Greek Cuisine trivia quiz why not start playing now?

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