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This section of Zadavaka’s website is devoted to the role model of Haute cuisine! Take this French cuisine trivia quiz and enjoy the marvelous examples of delicious meals from the legendary chefs of France! There is an unspoken belief that the dishes of French cuisine are always elaborate and hard to cook. Coquilles Saint Jacques, pot-au-feu, garbure, and dozens of other totally unpronounceable names of exquisite meals may scare the most eager landladies to death and make them drop the crazy idea of cooking anything of the kind. By the way, French cuisine had been greatly influenced by the cuisine of Italy before it got its own peculiar style and special features. Now it represents a huge collection of refined recipes that are different in various regions of France, and each of them is a real treasure not only for the French, but for the rest of the world too. It was not by chance that UNESCO included the dishes of French cuisine into the lists of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Let’s start this French cuisine quiz right away and find out what is so special and transcendent about French gastronomy!

In our French cuisine trivia quiz we have compiled the most absorbing, remarkable and startling facts about outstanding chefs who keep the best traditions of French cuisine; unusual and delicious French recipes with puzzling names; history of French food and its strong influence on the development of the world cuisine. You are definitely going to enjoy the taste of these French cuisine questions and would probably borrow some ideas to surprise and please your family and friends!

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