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You are what you eat. Do you agree with this statement? Well, today people from all over the globe eat and drink almost everything from grilled snakes in South-East Asia to fried tarantula in Cambodia. In some countries pork or beef are essential ingredients of the national cuisine; in others eating these kinds of meat is taboo. Food preferences differ not only from country to country, but from century to century too. Our Food quiz questions will test your knowledge from products to nutrition facts and from kitchen stuff to world cuisines. So here is your best chance to show that you are a quiz master! Whether you are healthy recipes buff or mac&cheese connoisseur, we will have this Food questions quiz to tickle your taste buds. Be careful, though – it might make you extremely hungry!

How knowledgeable are you about food? Which type of pastry is used to make croissants? What is the chief food for half the people in the world? You will find these and many more educational and fun questions in the Food quiz! If you are a world cuisine addict, why not try Chinese Cuisine quiz questions or Spanish Cuisine quiz! Choose one of sub-categories, or play all of National Cuisines quizzes to make many amazing gastronomic discoveries!

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